HSQ-50CFE loudspeaker kit for 2 x SQ-50C orto-acoustical loudspeakers.
All electronic / electrical parts needed for two loudspeakers
Updated 2022-06-11

HSQ-50CFE consists of two woofers, two tweeters, two filters with electronic self-resetting fuses, 10 m cable and two  spring loaded contacts. That is, all electronics you need, but not the boxes themselves.

LS 18532. 8 Ohm Hi-fi woofer / midrange with fantastic sound quality.
Stiff, exponantially shaped PP cone with mid/high dome (-3dB: 10 kHz).
Long travel coil, inverted rubber surround. Very well damped cone for a neutral, uncoloured sound.
Stable aluminum die cast frame.
RMS 50 W, music power 80 W

LST 9520. 8 Ohm Hi-Fi dometweeter, with linear frequency response and very low distortion.
RMS 50W, music power 100W.
One of the best tweeters we have ever heard!

BP-50-20. The bass port for this kit. Made by us to get precisely the right properties.

HK-8. Loudspeaker cable, 10 m. Enough for both internal wiring and two 3.5 m loudspeaker cables.
Polarity indication.
Spring loaded terminals. Strong grip gives you a very reliable connection.
Easily mounted from outside the box.

High quality filters:

   First order
filtering for optimum stereo image and minimized phase shift.
   Conjugate link
at the input to stabilize sensitive amplifiers.
   Electronic, self resetting fuse. When tripped, the volume drops to protect the loudspeaker. Turn down the volume of the amplifier for half a minute and everything is back to normal again.
   Aircoil, ceramic  resistors, high grade polypropylene capacitors.
On the back of the PCB the text IN +/- (input from amplifier), LO +/- (woofer), HI +/- (tweeter) shows how to connect to the screw terminals.

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Connection of the tweeters:
Inputs/outputs on the blue terminal (main picture): 1 is on the left, 6 is on the right.
On the picture of the back of the PCB (to the right), 1 is at the bottom, 6 is on top.
Coonections 1 and 2 are marked HI on the back of the PCB, 1 is minus, 2 is plus
Minus on the woofer goes to 3, plus to 4. (LO -/+
on the back of the PCB)
Input mInus goes to 5, input plus goes to 6. (IN -/+
on the back of the PCB)